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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Products I Regret Buying!

Hey Luvs, today I will be sharing a few products that I am not very fond of! These products did no justice for me, and are things I will not purchase again.

The first product I regret buying would be my Aussie heat protectant/shine spray. The reason is when I spray it onto my hair it gets frizzy and hard. Also, the heat protectant smells really weird and not fresh at all.
           about $4
Victoria Bombshell body mist is another item I would not repurchase. I actually didn't buy it, it came in a  little gift package that they were giving out in November. To me this body mist is way to strong and smells like cologne. This item is way to manly smelling for me!
smallest size $10
My lip bomb trio from sephora is also something I do not recommend buying. The reason being is that the lip balms are not moisturizing at all. These make my lips very dry especially the pink and clear one. The pink lip balm is very chunky when you apply it onto your lips, and very rough when you rub your lips together. The red one has a very nice pigment but like the others it is very drying.

Lastly, the Forever21 nail polish in nude is also not one of my favorites. This nail polish easily chips. Though, the color is very nice the quality isn't so great.

about $3

In the comments below be sure to tell me what you do not recommend to buy! Also tell me how these products, I mentioned above work for you!
Mahe <3 

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