Hey luvs, we are Mahe and Raahema. We are two cousins who, despite the geographic distance that divides us, share the same love for fashion. Between living in the Garden state, NJ and the Keystone state, PA, we come across many different people with many unique styles. We are Pakistani-Americans and while we straddle two very different cultures, we find a good balance between the two. Our sense of style is influenced by our religious background as well as our culture. We will fill you in on all the things we are loving this season.xoxo.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Garnier Fructis Anti Frizz Serum

Hey luvs! It's Raahema here with another review for all of you. Today I'm going to be reviewing the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti Frizz Serum. This serum is absolutely amazing! The product makes your hair much smoother and shinier, giving an overall sleek look. However, it does this without making your hair look dirty or greasy. I always put this product on before I straighten my hair because it keeps my hair smooth and soft after I straighten it! I give this product a 5 out 5 star and definitely recommend it!

What do you think of this hair product? leave your response in the comments below!
Raahema <3

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Do You Think? US Olympic Team


     Hey luvs, It’s Mahe and Raahema here with a post about the 2012 Olympics! During the parade of nations the US Olympic team came out in red white and blue uniforms complete with hats and ties. Many people loved the outfits but a lot of people didn’t. The uniforms were manufactured in China and were $300 each! They were designed by America’s most famous designer Ralph Lauren.

What do you all think of the Olympians from America wearing red white and blue outfits that were made in china? Leave your response in the comments below!
Mahe and Raahema <3

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Look Book: Istanbul, Turkey

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here with a fashion look book! I finally got back from vacation and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I wore in Istanbul, Turkey! My family and I were in Istanbul for 4 days, so I am going to show you all 4 outfits that I wore!

My family and I landed in Istanbul around 9am, so we had the whole day ahead of us that we did not ant to waste! We went checked into our hotel room and changed into fresh clean clothes. I just wore this basic tee from Forever21 that is tribal print and some ripped carpi's from old navy! 

On day 2 of my trip in Istanbul, I wore this black shirt with a little riksha embroidered on it. A riksha is a little taxi car that are commonly seen in Pakistan. This shirt is from a store in Pakistan called Gulabo. I paired this shirt with white cropped jeans,  and a yellow wrap bracelet from Forever21.

Day three of Istanbul was a very gorgeous day! I decided to wear my hope pink cropped skinnies from Target with a basic white tee. The brown pleather belt came with the jeans and I absolutely love it! i actually forgot to wear the necklace I brought to go with this outfit, but it was the same necklace I wore in my last outfit of the day!

On our last day in Istanbul I wanted to look cute but comfy, because we were going to head out to the airport in the evening to continue our vacation to Pakistan. I just wore this graphic tee from Kohl's and some dark denim jeggings from TJMaxx.
In all these outfits I am wearing forever21 aviator sunglasses, sandals from Kohl's and my customized MAHE bracelet from Canada.

I hope you guys enjoyed my Turkey lookbook! Tell me what you think of my outfits in the comments below!
Mahe <3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Your Clothes!

Hey luvs, It's Raahema here! Aren't you sick of wearing the same old colorless clothing? Today's post will be on how too add some color to your clothes with bright shoes and accessories!

This bright red bracelet from Forever21 
is a great way too add a pop of color to your outfit!

These pretty sandals add the perfect amount of color to any basic outfit. Pair them with denim shorts and a plain tee for a casual, yet cute look.

Bright, bold lips are an amazing way to color your clothes! Go for a red lip color to make a statement against plain clothing.

Bags are another way to add some detail to your outfit. This turquoise colored bow clutch will give any outfit a more fun creative look!

So, what do you guys think of coloring your clothes? Leave your response in the comments below!
Raahema <3

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fashion In Another World: Churian!

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe and Raahema here with another "Fashion In Another World" post. This edition of the series will be on "churian." Churian are basically bangles that have now become popular here in the U.S and other parts of the world as well.. These bracelets range in color, detail, and dressiness. Churian usually come in large sets, with different colors and sizes. Today we are going to show some different sets of churian.


This green pair of churian are dressy, but not too dressy. This pair would be perfect to wear if you were a guest at a wedding.

                                                                                                             This set of Churian are very dressy. As you can see there is one big bangle and the middle, some smaller ones on the middle and two medium size ones to finish the set!

 This picture shows two sets of Churian worn. In our culture we usually wear large sets of bangles to cover almost all of are lower arms. The orange colored design on the woman's skin is called mehndi (henna tattoo), and is worn during fancy occasions.

 Here are just some more casual to dressy churian. As you can see the churian sets are all color coordinated!


What do you think about churian? Leave your response in the comments below!
Mahe and Raahema <3

Friday, July 20, 2012

Outfit of the Day!!

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here with yet another outfit of the day! Today my outfit was pretty casual, and not too dressed up. But I think it's still very cute for an everyday casual look!

My outfit was pretty casual today! I wore a plain white tee from Nike,
some ripped up Capri's, and some brown flip flops!
As for accessories I wore this gold edgy spike necklace,
with cream pearls that just screams attention! forever21
My flip flops are from TARGET and they
just have a little bit of
embellishment on the straps!

My Capri's are from Old Navy!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit of the day!
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Mahe <3

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What to wear to the..... Mall!

Hey Luvs! It's Raahema here with a post about what I would wear to the mall with friends!

Untitled #4

This outfit is great to wear to the mall because is simple but cute. I would always recommend just wearing a loose tshirt or tank top when going to the mall. You want to wear something comfortable but still fashionable. I paired the cream and silver top with dark skinny jeans and nude colored gladiators. The reason I chose flat sandals is because when I am walking around in the mall, my feet get tired and I definitely don't want to be wearing four inch heels! For accessories i kept it simple, just adding some stacked bracelets and a small clutch.

So, What did you all think of my "Mall Outfit?" Leave your response in the comments below!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fashion On A Budget!!!!

Hey luvs, it's Mahe and Raahema here with another "Fashion On A
Budget" for all of you. Enjoy!

Black Gladiator Sandals

These black gladiator sandals are very similar looking, but very different in price. The sandal on the left from stylebop.com is $215. Yikes! The sandal on the right from Charlotte Russe though, is only $25.50!


Untitled #2

Leather Jacket

Don't you love leather jackets? The jacket on the left from jeanswest is $199! The Louis Women's jacket on the right though, is only $35.

So, what did you think of our more inexpensive versions of clothing and accessories? Leave your response in the comments below!
Mahe and Raahema <3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: Tresemme Heat Protectant!


     Hey Luvs! It's Raahema here with another review for you all! Today I am going to be reviewing my Tresemme Heat Protectant. This product is absolutely amazing! I love it!!!!! The spray has a fruity scent that smells wonderful. The product not only protects your hair from heat, but also leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth and silky. I use this product before I blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair. I definitely recommend using a heat protectant if you don't already, and I definitely recommend using this one! Overall, I would give this product a 5 out of 5 stars!

So, what do you think about the Tresemme heat protectant? Leave your response in the comments!

Raahema <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

June Favorites!!!!!!

Hey luvs! It's Mahe and Raahema here with our June favorites!!!! In this post we will be telling you about our favorite products during the month of June.

Nail polish:
Mahe: My favorite nail polsi has been Sugar Daddy by Essie! It makes my nails loo very shiny and gives them a hint of pink!
Raahema: This past month I have been loving the french
manicure look. Although that's really two colors
(cream and white), the duo is amazing!

Mahe: I have been loving my Forever21 gold spike
layered necklace! It is very edgy but also girly
with the cream pearls.
Raahema: My favorite accessory during June
has been my coach wristlet! I have the
"Hampton's weekend signature stripe
small wristlet" and I absolutely love it!

Hair Product:
Mahe: I have been loving my Organic Olive Oil hair lotion from target! I works amazing, leaving my hair soft and healthy looking!
Raahema: My favorite hair product is definitely
my Tresseme heat protectent. Not only does this
product protect my hair, but it also smells amazing,
and smooths out my hair.

Mahe: As for eyeliner I have been loving my Maybeline line stylist in black. It is very pigmented and easy to apply!
Raahema: My favorite eyeliner has been the L'Oreal Paris Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in 799 carbon black. This eyeliner is amazing because it has the smoothness of a liquid eyeliner, but the precision of a pencil.

Mahe: My favorite snack has been strawberries! Strawberries are finally in season (i think) so I can eat them all day long!
Raahema: My favorite food during June has been OREOS!
They are absolutely amazing, and super delicious!

Mahe: My favorite song this month has been Payphone by Maroon 5!! I have been obsessed with this song!
Raahema: My favorite song this past month has been "I'm Awake" by Katy Perry. This song is absolutely my favorite song!

So, what did you all think of our June favorites? Leave your response in the comments below!
Mahe and Raahema

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clear Skin Anybody???

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here and today I will be taking about my favorite face products I love to use, to keep my face looking clear. When I was in 5th grade I had really dry skin. Throughout the school year carrying on into middle school, it became worse, and was known as eczema. Eczema is known to be a skin disorder that makes your skin dry and flaky, it also makes your skin very itchy and when you scratch the itch it makes it worse. Thank goodness I don't have it on my face anymore but I still have a pretty big patch on my arm. So today I am going to talk about my favorite products I use on my face.

A product that I recently been loving is the Baby Johnson Oil Gel. I put it on my face and on my body right after I come out of the shower/ before I go to bed. This does wonders to my skin, making it feel super soft and moisturized in the morning.
On nights I don't take a shower I apply Baby Johnson lotion and oil. These two products are amazing and keeps your skin feeling smooth.

*As you can tell I am very into the Baby Johnson Line! If it works on baby it should work on anyone right?!

The daily moisturizer I use is the Aveeno daily moisturizer. This is one of my favorite products to use throughout the day! It doesn't make your skin look oily, it makes it look refreshed. I LOVE IT!

When I look for different skin products I make sure I get the unscented one. This is because different scents in lotions can be very irritating to your skin making it very itchy and your skin looking worse.

When my skin gets more dry than usual I use Vaseline Potrleum Jelly. This is a little more stronger then the products above, so it really helps my dry skin.

I just wanted to mention that these products didn't help my skin right of the bat. I went to a dermatologist who recommended special over the counter creams that can't be purchased in the drugstore, which I still sometimes have to use.

#1 Rule for clear skin: DRINK A LOT OF WATER!!

Hope this post gave you some guys some helpful tips.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Eyeliner


     Hey luvs! It's Raahema here, and today I am going to be reviewing the L'Oreal Paris Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in 799 carbon black. This eyeliner was featured in our June favorites post, and "eye" absolutely love it! The eyeliner is a liquid pencil which is great because it gives the smoothness and darkness of a liquid eyeliner, while still containing the precision of a pencil. The eyeliner is perfect for both on top and under your eye. I like to wear this eyeliner on my upper lash line and on my lower waterline. This eyeliner retails for about $7-8, which makes it very affordable. You can find this product at most drugstores or other stores like Target or Walmart. However, in my opinion, there is one downside to the product. The eyeliner does not last for a very long time. I had used it almost everyday for about a month when it finished. Overall, I would give this eyeliner 4 out of five stars! I definitely recommend trying it out.
Raahema <3

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fashion Face Off!!!!

Hey luvs! It's Mahe and Raahema here with a "Fashion Face Off" post for all of you. In this post we will pick three items to be in the face off. Both of us will each pick a version of the item. In the comments below, you can tell us which one you like better.

Raahema's picks:


My hat pick is this cowboy hat
with black rose detailing. The
hat is from Charlotte Russe
and is only $12.50.

My sunglasses pick is from Forever21.
They retail for only $5.80 and have cheetah
print detailing on the frames!

My sandal pick are the "Rhinestone Rosette
Thong Sandals."
These shoes are extremely
cute, and my favorite color!

Mahe's Picks:

The Neon trend is one of my favorite
trends this summer. So, I had to pick a neon
sandal! This sandal is from Madden Girl and
I love the pink and orange color with the gold

As for my hat, I chose this simple fedora
hat from Target, with a floral band around it!
This hat is perfect for the beach and walking
around town on those nice summer days!

I picked these gray aviator glasses
that are perfect to wear on those sunny days! These
sunglasses give an effortless look to any outfit!

What did you think of our "Fashion Face Off?" Whose picks did you like better? Leave your response in the comments below.
Mahe and Raahema <3