Hey luvs, we are Mahe and Raahema. We are two cousins who, despite the geographic distance that divides us, share the same love for fashion. Between living in the Garden state, NJ and the Keystone state, PA, we come across many different people with many unique styles. We are Pakistani-Americans and while we straddle two very different cultures, we find a good balance between the two. Our sense of style is influenced by our religious background as well as our culture. We will fill you in on all the things we are loving this season.xoxo.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Eid Outfit Feat. My Mom!

 Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here with an Eid outfit of the day!  I hope you all had an amazing Eid if you celebrate it! Raahema and I were supposed to spend Eid together but it just didn't work out that way with her sudden plans to go to Pakistan with her family! But I hope you enjoy my Eid OOTD!!

So I totally forgot to take picture of me in my Eid outfit! The only picture I had is this one, which is with my mom! So, I will also give you a brief overview on my moms outfit to!

Usually my grandma designs and makes my Eid outfits but this year when I went to Pakistan with my family I got to pick what I wanted to wear for Eid! Since Eid was in the summer time this year I wanted something light and aerie. So, with that in mind I got a blue color long shirt that comes up to my ankles. This shirt called a Kameez has pretty orange and gold detailing at the top that reassembles a necklace! I absolutely fell in love with this suit after I tried it on in the store!

For my shoes I wanted to wear something simple so I wore my bronze Khussas that are also from Pakistan!

Here is a closer look at the detailing, it's actually very light!

As for jewelry I just wore some bangles that I also got in Pakistan to go specifically with this suit!

I know you can't see but underneath the Kameez, I am wearing white churidar pajamas. Which are basically cotton skinny pants!

As for what my mom is wearing she is wearing a beige suit with colorful detailing bright purple pants and nude poofy heels!

I hope you guys enjoyed my Eid outfit of the day, Raahema's Eid ootd should be coming up soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Beauty Must Haves!!!

Hey Luvs! It's Raahema here and today I am going to share with you, my Fall beauty must haves! I absolutely love the Fall season and can't wait for it to come!

One beauty must have for me during Autumn, is a deep, dark nail polish.
I love wearing reds and purples in the Fall which is why
Recessionista, (on the left) a red wine, and Skirting
The Issue, (on the right) a dark plum, are definitely must haves for me this Fall!

Another one of my beauty favorites would definitely have to be a good mascara. I love wearing a lot of mascara during the Fall to make my lashes look very long and full! Right now I am loving the Maybelline mascaras.

Next, I always need a good moisturizer to use during the colder months. And as Fall progresses, it does start to get a little chilly, which unfortunately results in dry skin. I love using the Vaseline moisturizers because they have many different types based on what you need most!

My last beauty must have for Fall is a good lip balm, because like a moisturizer, a good lip product is definitely needed to keep my lips soft and smooth as the weather begins to change. My favorite is definitely the Baby Lips lip balm in Pink Punch. This product is the perfect blend of moisture and color!

So, what did you think of my Fall beauty must haves? What are some of your favorite products to use this fall? Leave your response in the comments below!
Raahema <3

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Maybeline Define A Line Eyeliner

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here with a review on the Maybeline Define a Line Eyeliner. This eyeliner can be purchased at any drugstore for about $6. When I try out different eyeliners I look for pigmentation, easy application, and long lasting wear. The define a line liner has good pigmentation and easy smooth application. But on the down side this liner is not long lasting. I fins myself constantly retouching this eyeliner throughout the day! The liner does come with a smudger at the other end but when I do use the smudger the eyeliner comes of.
Have you guys ever tried out the Define A Line liner by Maybeline? If you have tell me how you have been liking it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raahema's OOTD!

Hey Luvs! It's Raahema here with another Outfit Of The Day post for you! Enjoy!

So, today I wanted to wear a chic outfit, but still be casual and comfortable. To achieve this, I wore a light purple top from Kohls with layered ruffling and lace detailing. I paired the shirt with cuffed skinny jeans and a lacy gray cami.

As I said above, the purple shirt has very pretty detailing at the top. I also added flower earrings to give some detail to the outfit.

Lastly, I wore these dark green, lace up shoes with a low heel. The shoes are trendy, but at the same time comfortable. The low heel also makes them easy to walk in.

So, what did you think of my OOTD? Leave your response in the comments below!
Raahema <3

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hair Tutorial!

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe and Raahema here with our second video! We decided to do Raahema's every day hair routine! Raahema does use other products but they were all packed up because she is going to Pakistan! But we hope you guys enjoy this video anyway!

Mahe and Raahema

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Mubarik!

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here with a quick post just to say Happy Eid! If you don't know what Eid is, it is a holiday that muslims celebrate. We celebrate by meeting our friends and family and eating a lot of good food! If you celebrate Eid I hope you have a great time!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our First ever Video!!

Hey Luvs, we are so excited to do uplaod our first ever video! We wanted to change up our blog a little and thought doing videos would be the perfect addition! Hope you like it!

Mahe and Raahema <3

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School: Aria Montgomery!

Hey Luvs, it's Raahema here with a back to school fashion blog for all of you! In today's post, I will show you a great outfit for back to school inspired by my favorite character from the show Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery! I will also do Hannah, Spencer, and Emily in the near future.

Untitled #6

So, Aria's style is very unique and different. She loves wearing bright bold colors which is why I opted for this fun yellow dress from Forever21. She also loves making girly outfits more edgy and is often seen wearing dresses with leather jackets and combat boots. The brown boots and jacket above are both from Charlotte Russe. Aria also always wears big statement jewelry which is why the gold bracelet from Juicy Couture is a perfect piece to complete the look. This outfit is very "Aria," and perfect for back to school!

So, what did you think of my Aria inspired look? Would you wear it? Leave your response in the comments below!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Launch of Our New Blog Setup!

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe and Raahema here to ask you guys how you like our new blog setup! We took a lot of time an effort trying to decide what type of background we wanted and what the color scheme of our blog was going to be!  We thought our other background and layout was plain jane so we wanted to jazz it up! In the end we knew pink was the way to go! We hope you guys like our new layout! Tell us in the comments below what you think our blog!!
Mahe and Raahema <3

Monday, August 13, 2012

What's Trending: Peplum!

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here to talk about one of my new favorite trends! It is the peplum trend! Peplum shirts, dresses, or blazers are articles of clothing that are fitted on the top and flare out at the bottom. This trend is very peppy and cute! Peplum shirts make your waste seem very tiny.

This tangerine peplum dress is more futuristic and tailored! As you can see it is fitted at the top and flares out in the middle then tightens around the thighs.
Peplum tops are my favorite! I love the fit and flare silhouette.
Finally there is the peplum blazer. I am not a huge fan of the peplum blazer but they are great to wear with a tighter skirt at the bottom!

I hope you guys enjoyed my what's trending post! Do you guys like the peplum style? Tell me in the comments below!

Mahe <3

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hey Luvs! It's Raahema here with an outfit of the day post! It was a nice day outside so I decided to document my outfit in my yard. Enjoy!

Today I had on a simple but cute outfit that I dressed up with some accessories. I am wearing a lacy white top from Forever21 with a long feather necklace, also from Forever21. I paired the top with dark blue jeggings from Hollister and my furry moccasins from Payless. Lastly, I added a bit of detail with a cute headband!

So, what did you think of my outfit? Leave your response in the comments below!
Raahema <3

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spotlight Shoe: Fashion Sneaker!

Hey Luvs it's Mahe and Raahema here with a Spotlight Shoe! This month were going to share our favorite fashion sneaker!

Mahe's Pick: White Vans!

My favorite fashion sneaker have been vans, particularly the white ones! They are cute, sleek, and just give outfits an effortless yet cute look!

Raahema's Pick: Converse

My spotlight shoe for this month are these black sequin all star sneakers. They are cute, but still comfortable, and add a touch of glitz to any outfit!

What is your favorite fashion sneaker? Tell us in the comments below!

Mahe and Raahema <3

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All Time Favorite Nail Polishes!

Hey Luvs it's Mahe here to tell you all about my favorite nail polishes! I love having my nails painted but I HATE painting them! lol

Merino Cool is my favorite nail polish color I
 have! I feel like this color goes perfectly with
my skin tone! UGH I cannot explain how much I
<3 this!

Nude nail polish is my go to color! This
color makes your nails look clean and polished!
I love wearing this nail polish when I don't want
to wear any bright colors on my nails!

Another one of my favorites is Cute
As a Button! This is a pretty coral pink coral color
that I think is gorgeous for every skin color!

A cut above by essie is the perfect sparklie
nail polish! I am not a huge fan of sparlie nail polish
but this was is perfect! All the sparklie ones from essie
are amazing! The sparkles are more like sequins which I

What are your all time favorite nail polishes? I would love to know!
Mahe <3


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trend To Try: Jeggings!

Untitled #5

Hey luvs, it's Raahema here with a post about one of my favorite clothing items..... Jeggings! The jeans/leggings combo look and feel great! I'm absolutely obsessed with jeggings because they look just like skinny jeans but are twice as comfortable! Jeggings are also very versatile and you can wear them with many different looks! I like to wear jeggings with cute tops and accessories.
What do you think about jeggings? Leave your response in the comments below!
Raahema <3

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beauty in Another World: Mehndi

     Hey luvs! Its Mahe and Raahema here with a Beauty In Another World post! Today's post will be about a traditional Pakistani beauty product called Mehndi, or Henna. Mehndi is commonly used as hair dye and as a temporary tattoo. Mehndi comes in different forms but the tattoo form comes in a cone and has a brown paste inside. The cone acts like a pencil and you use it to draw a design on your body, usually on the palm of your hands. The longer you leave the paste on, the darker the color comes out after you wash the henna out. To use it as hair dye, you just spread the paste like normal dye.

The picture on the left shows the Mehndi on that hand not washed of and the picture on the right shows the final product if when you wash of the mehndi!
What do you think of Mehndi? Leave your response in the comments below!
Mahe and Raahema 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fashion in Another World: OOTD

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here with a Fashion in Another World post! So Ramadan recently started which is the Holy month for Muslims! It is the month where we fast from dawn to dusk. At the end of the month we celebrate by going to parties dressing up and eating a ton! Today i am going to show you what I wore to one of my families friends house where we broke our fast and had a good time! 

So as you guys may know I came back from Pakistan about a week and a half ago and bought some cute shirts to wear during Ramadan! Today I wore this indigo top that has a high low hem line with pretty flowers embroidered on it! I got this shirt from a store in Karachi, Pakistan called FNK Asia! FNK Asia is known to be a very trendy store in Karachi for teenagers! This store is definitely my favorite store in Karachi!

I hope you guys liked my Fashion in Another World outfit of the day! Tell me what you thought of my outfit in the comments below! Also is you have any post suggestions tell me in the comments below!

Mahe <3