Hey luvs, we are Mahe and Raahema. We are two cousins who, despite the geographic distance that divides us, share the same love for fashion. Between living in the Garden state, NJ and the Keystone state, PA, we come across many different people with many unique styles. We are Pakistani-Americans and while we straddle two very different cultures, we find a good balance between the two. Our sense of style is influenced by our religious background as well as our culture. We will fill you in on all the things we are loving this season.xoxo.

Monday, June 18, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!


Hey luvs, we are so happy to announce that we have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award! We were awarded by Becca at looksandbookswithbecca.blogspot.com! Her blog is amazing, and you should definitely check it out! Thank you Becca!
For this award we have to put 7 random facts about ourselves and pick 15 bloggers or less that we think deserve this award!


Mahe: I am terrified of bugs! When I was younger I thought they were cool, but now I can't stand them!
Raahema: I have always wanted to go to an Ivy League! I'm aiming for Harvard or Yale, but we'll see...

Mahe: I love spending time with my family! I have so much fun when my cousins come over!
Raahema: I absolutely LUV eyeliner. It is probably my favorite item of makeup.

Mahe: Pasta is my favorite food to eat! I would eat pasta from morning to night if I could! My mom said I was born Italian!
Raahema: I love watching TV and movies! I'm definitely a chick-flick girl! I also love all of ABCfamily's teenage dramas!

Fact #4
Mahe: Have you guys ever seen the show Jersey Shore? It is one of the most popular reality shows here in America, on MTV! Well this past summer I went to go see their house with my friends while they were filming.
Raahema: Math is my favorite academic subject. I'm not saying I love it, but I do like it a lot more than other subjects. (*cough, cough science)

Mahe: I love heights! I love the thrill of being up high!
Raahema: When I grow up........ I want to be a psychologist! I find psychology super interesting. I mean, it's basically mind reading. LOL! I also want to act on the side and hopefully get my big break as an actress!

Mahe: I HATE doing my hair! I do not have the patients to do my hair every morning before I go to school! I love working on my makeup but not on my hair!
Raahema: I love water parks! I like water slides a lot better than roller coasters.

Mahe: I love camping! I usually go camping once a year because I am a girl scout! I love being in the wilderness minus all the BUGS! lol
Raahema: I hate painting my nails and straightening my hair! They take sooooo much time!

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Although we're supposed to pick 15 bloggers, we only picked 9.

                                   Thank you again to Becca!
Mahe and Raahema <3