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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Wedding!! Feat. MY MOM

Hey Luvs, remember when I put up the post about what I wore to the mehendi (pre wedding party)?Well today I am going to show you what I wore to the actual wedding! I am also going to show all of you what my mom was wearing because I loved her outfit so much!

My mom wore a beautiful cobalt blue suit with gold embroidery. She looked absolutely stunning in the long kameez and skirt style, called a Lehnga. This outfit was designed by my grandmother and was actually borrowed from my moms sister (AKA: Raahema's mom)!!

I brought my gold wirstlet from Coach, that I was holding
around with me and my mom used put all of her stuff in it! lol momz!

My grandma also designed the suit I wore to the wedding. I wore this pink/reddish suit that had a skinny pant called a Churidar Pajama. As for shoes I wore bronze khussas to go with the bronze embroidery.
On my nails I have a bronze color underneath
and Essie's Sugar Daddy on top and on the accent nail
I put on Essie's A Cut Above.

That's what my mom and I wore to the wedding! Tell me what you thought of our outfits in the comments below!!
Mahe <3

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