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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide!! For Her MAKEUP!

Hey Luvs, so the Holiday season is obviously here, so today I am going to talk about some gift ideas for her. I am going to start with some cheaper priced ones and work my way up to the expensive gifts!

$20 and Under! MAKEUP

Believe it or not you can get some good makeup items for $20 and less! I wouldn't recommend getting someone one lip gloss or one nail polish because the gift may not seem as thoughtful! So, a good idea is to get someone a value set or a palette. Sephora comes out with such great little palettes and sets for this time of year!

On the left here are just three of the MANY palettes that you can get from sephora! The first one is $20 the second one is only $10 and the last one is $19. It's great because this is all high end makeup that is very inexpensive!!

If you have a friend that is experimenting with make up it is probably better to get them some drugstore makeup, but for the holidays one product isn't going to cut it! Elf is a really great brand of makeup that is super duper cheap! The quality of the makeup varies but that's what YouTube is for!! Right?!?! Do your research before!!

Elf has really great gifts for this holiday season from 144 piece eyeshadow palette for only $15! Brush belt for only $15 with and 15 nail polishes for only $15!! http://www.eyeslipsface.com/

$50 and Under!

The Naked 2 palette is a versatile palette and is great for anyone to use if the love makeup. It retails for $50 so i would get it for someone who really appreciates makeup.

These Mac brushes make a great gift. It is from there new holiday collection this year and it is only $50!! Which is great for mac brushes though, they are mini sizes!!

The last type of gifts are the beauty sets from sephora! they are amazing because you can get a bunch of them and split them up between Friends to make cute little holiday baskets for them!!

These are just some of the many beauty products that you can get for those beauty lovers, whether it is your friends, sisters, mom, grandma, whoever!


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