Hey luvs, we are Mahe and Raahema. We are two cousins who, despite the geographic distance that divides us, share the same love for fashion. Between living in the Garden state, NJ and the Keystone state, PA, we come across many different people with many unique styles. We are Pakistani-Americans and while we straddle two very different cultures, we find a good balance between the two. Our sense of style is influenced by our religious background as well as our culture. We will fill you in on all the things we are loving this season.xoxo.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Double OOTD!!

Hey Luvs, its Mahe here with another OOTD post, this time with Raahema!! So lets start with Raahema's outfit, she is wearing a blue lace peplum top which I believe is from Forever21 and with that she put on a maroon, navy blue, and cream  cropped striped sweater on top. The peplum top underneath added a bit of a girly touch and is a perfect way to wear a crop top in the winter. Lastly she is wearing light wash skinny jeans from Hollister which make the look a bit more casual. We didn't go anywhere which is why we both don't have shoes on! 
As for my outfit I decided to wear a cream sweater with a glitzy snowflake on it! I absolutely love this sweater, it is super cozy and very girly. You can not tell from the picture but the snowflake is sparkly with a lot of sequence. I paired my sweater wit super dark wash skinny jeans from Hollister and wore my American Eagle taupe shimmery socks!
Our outfits we chose to wear are so easy to put together and took absolutely no effort, but they are still stylish!!
I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post!! 

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  1. Pls do a nail color review soon especially for Spring and Summer trends! <3