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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Room Decor!!

Hey Luvs! It's Raahema here with a post with some room decor and design tips! So, my family's in the process of buying a new house and I thought that this would be the perfect time to start thinking about what I wanted to do in my new room. So my new room will probably be pretty small- about a 13x13, but I am still determined to make it look amazing!
Tip #1: Focal point wall
In my opinion, every bedroom should have a focal point wall. This should probably be the wall with your bed on it and it should really stand out compared to the rest of your room.
For my new bedroom, my focal wall will be painted in pink and gray stripes with very thin white stripes in between. This will be the wall that I will have my bed and nightstands on, and also the wall that I will have my huge pink canopy on.
Tip #2: Clean and Simple
Now although your focal point wall should really pop in your room, you don't want to have every wall as busy. If every wall in your room is filled with stripes and furniture, you'll end up with a cluttered, unpeaceful feel to your room.
The other walls in my room will not be painted in stripes, and they also won't be as busy. The wall opposite my bed will be painted a light gray color to match the gray in the stripes. That gray will continue on to the side wall with my closet on it. The other side wall opposite the closet will be painted pink.
Tip #3: Decorate!
Your room should be a fun and peaceful place for you to relax and enjoy. To add some fun to your room, incorporate some art to hang on the walls.
Remember the pink side wall I told you about? Well on that wall I am going to put a six-drawer chest of drawers. That chest of drawers will be the only peice of furniture on that wall, but to keep the wall from looking bare, I am putting a big black and white canvas photograph directly above the chest of drawers. The one big peice of art will look classy and clean and definitley add some decoration to my room.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this room decor post! What kinds of tips and tricks do you have for decorating your bedroom? Leave your response in the comments below!
Raahema <3

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