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Monday, September 24, 2012

Flat Irons!

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here, today I am going to blog about a new friend that came into my life!! (haha) It is my new ceramic hair straightener!! YAY I was planning to get a new flat iron for a longest time and I finally got one! My first ever flat iron was a BioSilk one. It is a ceramic hair straightener, which was amazing until it broke!! It broke within the first year me having it, and let me tell you it was not cheap! I then had to downgrade to a fat old school conair iron that my friend gave me. I have been using the conair iron for a few years now which is not ceramic and it pulls out my hair! (ouch) 

I was at the mall about a month and a half ago when a lady came up to me from one of those little carts that are in the mall to try out the royale hot tools line. Obviously, my mom and I were trying to walk away but she just wheeled us in! I fell in love with the flat iron immediately just by the lady testing it out on me! It made my hair smooth and soft. this flat iron also can wave and curl hair. The straightener is about $250 but online it is $230. I was lucky enough to get a major discount so I got the iron for only $110 which is such a great deal! When you get the straightener you get free 5 year warranty and where I got the straightener all the girls in my family get to have there hair done for free for the rest of our lives!! 

When I got home I realized I shouldn't have gotten it right away and that I should of researched the strightener more in depth. I have been using the straighenter for a month now and I still love it! I am so happy I decided to buy it, it works incredibly well! I totally recommend it! By the way the straightener goes up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit! 

First Ever Flat Iron!
Second Flat Iron!

Third Flat Iron!

Please tell me what kind of straightener you use I would really love to know what else is out there!

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