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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Double Cartilage Piercing!

Hey luvs its Mahe here! So I recently turned 17, which is really exciting!!! I can't believe I'm getting so old!! I had such an amazing birthday with my friends and family and I couldn't be more grateful! Anyway, one of my presents that my parents gifted me with was having permission to get another ear piercing (or 2 lol)! So here is how my experience went:
So I got it done at Claire's, for about $60. Claire's does have free ear piecing but not for your cartilage, it is a $3 extra charge. I recommend that you buy white gold earrings because your cartilage can affected really easily. Don't be afraid to ask the lady (or guy) if they have done a cartilage pricing before. The lady (Amanda was her name) marked my ears with a marker to see if I liked where the piercings were going to go. I did like where the top piercing was going to go, but I wasn't fond of the placing of the bottom piercing, I wanted it to go above the top piercing. Amanda told me that the reason why I shouldn't get it pierced that high is because the backing of the earring would show. Once she pierced the top piercing and showed me I loved it and decided to keep the second piercing underneath the first one as she marked it. Ughh I'm rambling way to much!!!
As for the pain it did NOT HURT AT All!! I wouldn't even say I have a low pain tolerance and it didn't hurt. I was shocked!! My ear did get sore and is still a little sore but it was totally worth it!! A lot of my friends said that they couldn't sleep on it for a couple weeks (and they only got 1 cartilage piercing) but I was fine sleeping on mine for the first night. I have to keep the cartilage piercing in for 8-12 weeks and then I can put another earring in but I always need to keep an earring in for 1 year. I also have to clean 3 times a day.
I am so happy for the results and I'm already planning my next couple piercings I want to get!!!! Tell me what you all think of my piercings in the comments below!! Tell me if you have any cool piercings!
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