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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review!! Garnier BB Cream

Hey Luvs, it's Mahe here!! I know I know I haven't been bloggin' lately, but I am determined now to keep up with frequent posts! Todays post is a review on a new BB Cream I have been trying out. I have been using the Garnier Skin Renew BB cream in the shade medium/deep. All I can say is I LOVE IT!! I thought that the Maybelline BB Cream was my all time favorite but I was wrong! I have been loving the Garnier one! The Garnier BB Cream also doubles up as a sunscreen. It has a pretty thick consistency but when you apply it to your face it is pretty runny. A little goes a long way!

As far as the coverage is concerned it evens out my skin tone and has light to medium coverage. When wearing this BB cream I do recommend using a setting powder because it does make my face look shiny. The reason why I love this one more than the Maybelline one is because the Garnier one does not make me look orange and it has better coverage in my opinion!!
Overall I am in love with this BB cream!! This is the perfect foundation alternative for the summer because it has the perfect amount of coverage, it doubles as a sunscreen and it is moisturizing!
I would definitely recommend this product, it is a must have!!!

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