Hey luvs, we are Mahe and Raahema. We are two cousins who, despite the geographic distance that divides us, share the same love for fashion. Between living in the Garden state, NJ and the Keystone state, PA, we come across many different people with many unique styles. We are Pakistani-Americans and while we straddle two very different cultures, we find a good balance between the two. Our sense of style is influenced by our religious background as well as our culture. We will fill you in on all the things we are loving this season.xoxo.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spotlight Shoe!

Hey luvs! Its Mahe and Raahema, and today we have our first edition of our new series, “Spotlight Shoe.” The spotlight shoe is a unique pair of shoes that will be featured in our blog almost every month. The pair of shoes will be fun, stylish, and very wearable. Here are our “Spotlight Shoes.”
                                       Mahe's Shoe                                             
   My shoe of the month is a pretty plain taupe canvas flat, with a neon yellow peep toe. To me this shoe just screams spring and summer. Neon is a huge trend going on this season. This shoe is great for incorperating a little bit of color into your wardrobe. For the day time, just pair some light wash denim skinnies and a plain white tee. Also add some neon color accessories to tie in with these shoes.(example a neon yellow belt) For night, add a fitted black blazer, put on some dark wash skinnies. Put on some neutral arm candy and finally a neon yellow clutch will finish the look!
Kate Spade $198

                                                           Raahema's Shoe
Ok, so my shoe of the month is a woven wedge from Charlotte Russe. There are many different ways you could wear this shoe. You could dress it up with a cute black dress and some jewelry. You could also dress it down with some dark skinny jeans and a cute, but simple top. The color of the shoe is great because you can pair it with almost anything. In my opinion, the woven detailing is extremely eye-catching, while the wedge heel is very comfortable. That is why this shoe is a must for me!
Charlotte Russe $35.50

So what do you all think of our "Spotlight Shoes?" Mahe's shoe was a Kate Spade flat for $198, while Raahema's was the Charlotte Russe wedge for $35.50. Whose shoe would you rather wear? Leave the response in the comments below.
Mahe and Raahema


  1. I think both the shoes are very cute but $198 is a little out of my budget. I wonder if there is a less expensive version out there...

  2. The neon yellow colour is pretty but the woven wedge is totally me. Not only do I love the heel but also the design and the neutral colour of Raahema's shoe. Even if I could afford it, it would be amoral for me to spend $198 on a pair of shoes.

  3. I would buy the shoe if I have the money, but I picked this shoe mainly because neon is a big trend going on right now. (which I love) So I thought it would be the perfect trendy piece to have in your wardrobe.